and it should begin with our employees, suppliers, and business partners, before reaching the community.


The winning project of the 2013 Master Award in the socio-environmental category. They are monthly actions performed internally and geared towards: Sustainability and Socio-environment. Collaborators are divided into teams at the beginning of the year and compete through actions. At the end of the year, the first 3 teams are awarded.
The stages of the games consist of: Sustainable Race, Blood donation and Bone Marrow Sign-up, Coat Donation, Book Donation, Tree Planting, Plastic bottle heater assembly, Toy Donation, Food Donation.
With the earnings from the Games, BKO is able to help various institutions. If you wish to contribute to the Games with a donation, send an e-mail to


All areas of the company have a booklet with sustainable guidance points related to each area. These booklets have more than 467 items concerning sustainability that are put to practice in the development of the business.


BKO assimilated the principals of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, which include Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment, and Anti-Corruption. The Global Compact works as a code of conduct that seeks to provide guidance for sustainable growth and civility.
Access the Global Compact and the Charter of Adhesion


Seeking to adapt to more sustainable practices, BKO joined the Brazilian chapter of the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Protocol, where members annualy publish public records containing their greenhouse gas emissions. The GHG Protocol, which was implemented in Brazil in 2008 by the Center of Studies in Sustainability of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), results from the joint action with the World Resources Institute (WRI), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Conselho Empresarial Brasileiro para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável (CEBDS), USAID (American cooperation agency), British Embassy, and the Ministry of the Environment.

Acess the report


Our construction projects are assessed monthly in the following aspects:



Assessment of quality and overall image of the construction site, Election of the employee of the month, Weekly moment of quality.


Concern for the use of wood from reforestation to waste collection, reuse, and recycling of residue.


Assessment of labor safety on the construction site, Educational lectures, trainings, and integration.


Inspection of documents of all employees who work on our construction sites.


Guarantee of the workers’ rights, Management of tax risks.


BKO neutralized its greenhouse gas emissions in 2012 and 2013, showing its concern in reducing the impact of its activities. The emissions were measured through its Emissions Inventory and the neutralization occurred through the use of carbon credits dispatched by UNFCCC (UN body for Climate Changes).

The carbon credits, also known as Certified Emission Reductions (CERs), were created in projects by the Clean Development Mechanism, which represents the implementation of cleaner technologies that effectively reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Each credit is equivalent to one ton of GHG that was not emitted to the atmosphere.

These credits were used to permanently neutralize the company’s emissions. With this initiative, BKO guarantees a real neutralization which is immediate and verifiable, since its partner company, Neutralize Carbono, specializes in projects of emission neutralization by using a pioneer method that promotes the permanent realocation of CERs.

The neutralization of emissions done through carbon credits contributes indirectly to the maintenance and development of new projects that use technologies with lower levels of emissions than those found in conventional technologies. For instance, BKO used credits from a small hydroelectric center called Garganta da Jararaca, located in the state of Mato Grosso, thus contributing to the development of an even cleaner energy matrix in Brazil.

BKO received certificates of neutralization of emissions that present a unique registry number, which guarantees the tracking of documents related to the project that resulted in the credits. These documents are public and freely accessible by any interested party on the UNFCC website, ensuring the reliability, soundness, and transparency of the proposed solution.

Additionally, the carbonometer – emissions counter – shows the total of emissions already neutralized by the company, as well as comparisons between emissions to better understand the dimension of the performed action.

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